Activities of the National Council

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At the National Council, interest groups of employers, employees, farmers, crafts and trades, independent professions, non-commercial fields and local interests deal with issues relating to the areas they represent. Working bodies (Commissions) deal with individual issues relating to legislation, initiatives and requests within their sphere of competence. Working bodies send their opinions for approval to the National Council, or directly to the National Assembly and its working bodies. Representatives of proposers of laws and other documents, of the Government and of the ministries, as well as experts who are able to further elucidate the issues under discussion, are regularly invited to attend working bodies' and National Council's sessions.
Interest groups generally meet prior to National Council sessions.

The National Council holds regular sessions once a month; extraordinary sessions are generally convened for decision-making on, for example, initiatives for a suspensive veto.

Sessions of the National Council, its working bodies and interest groups are open to the public.


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