Alojz Kovšca

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President of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia

He was elected to the National Council as a representative of craftsmen.

- Member of the Commission for Economy, Trade, Tourism and Finance.
- Member of the Commission for Social Care, Labour, Health and 
- Member of the Interest Group of Farmers, Crafts and Trades, and 
  Independent professions.


Dear visitors of the website of the National Council,

welcome to the upper chamber of the Slovenian Parliament. As the President of the National Council, I appreciate that the information users receive in their hands is an important tool in today’s increasingly digitalized world. Hence, the National Council has prepared fresh communication pathways with which we would like to ensure that you possess accurate, new, up-to-date and objective knowledge of events unfolding in our institution as well as outside of it – at numerous diplomatic meetings, professional consultations, ceremonial events…

I am glad that—particularly in this current composition—the National Council includes as many excellent and professional, as well as very active National Councillors. If in the past the public knew the National Council merely as the unnecessary political body that threatens with vetoes and blocks the work of the government and deputies of the National Assembly, the public’s perception of the role and meaning of the National Council today differs substantially. This benefits the National Council, as it does the wellbeing of constitutionally provided bicameralism. During this current mandate, we have been especially active and constructively critical. We proactively involve ourselves in the process of adoption and discussion of crucial legislative initiatives. We eliminate unfair practices, draw attention to violations of human rights, propose intervention measures and systematic legislative solutions… As an institution situated above partisanship which was born with the concept of plurality, we also assume greater social roles such as the process of the restoration of regions.

Our webpages offer the opportunity to familiarize yourselves with our activities in detail. Among the crucial tasks to which we devote enormous amounts of time and energy are also activities related to the civil society. In the National Council, we will continue to try to maintain and strengthen this bond. From now you can follow our work not only at the website and Twitter profile @DrzavniSvet, but also at the multimedia portal

With diversity of opinion to common solutions!



Education: BA Political Science (Defence Studies), master watchmaker

He was born on 13 September 1965 in Čapljina as the second of four children of an officer of JLA (Yugoslavian People’s Army) and a housewife. After finishing elementary school, he graduated at the Military Gymnasium of Franc Rozman-Stane in Ljubljana and continued his education at the Military Academy in Belgrade and Banja Luka. Just prior to graduating, on 2 June 1988, he left JLA at his own request.

From 1988 until 1992, he was employed as a computer programmer in PS Mercator. In 1991, he actively participated in the war for independence of Slovenia as a volunteer and was decorated with the Silver Maister Medal. Immediately after the war, he left the Territorial Defense, was employed with the master watchmaker Stefan Kajfež in Ljubljana and passed examinations for both a watchmaking assistant and a commerce manager. In 1996, he completed university studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences – track Political Science, namely Defence Studies—while working, and received the Prešeren Award for his dissertation. Afterwards, he founded his own company. At the Centre of Vocational Schools Celje he gained a professional vocational education as a watchmaker and a goldsmith-filigree, as well as passed the watchmaking master examination at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia (OZS). His wife and himself make a living through the family company of goldsmith’s and watchmaker’s trade with five employees.

For a long time, he has been actively engaged in the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business (OOZ) of Ljubljana-Bežigrad.  He has been a member of both the Chamber and of its board of directors for several mandates. Currently, he is the President of the Regional Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Ljubljana-Bežigrad and represents interests of the discipline in the professional Goldsmiths and Jewellers section of the OZS. Furthermore, he is a member of the Board of Directors of OZS, the president of the Commission for the division of membership fees, and the president of the Commission for Commerce.

He is married and a father of four children.

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