Branimir Štrukelj

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He was elected to the National Council as a representative of employees.

Member of the Interest Group of Employees.

Chairman of the Commission for Culture, Science, Education and Sport.

Member of the Commission for State Organization.




He graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ljubljana in 1988, where he studied history and art history. Since 1996, he serves as head secretary of the Trade Union of Upbringing, Education, Science and Culture in Slovenia (SVIZ). Between 1997 and 2011 he was also a member of the 27-member executive board of Education International, which combines more than 30 million members worldwide. In November 2012, he was elected vice-president at the conference of European Trade Union Committee for Education for the term 2014-2016. At the subsequent conference of the same organization, he was again entrusted to remain the vice-president of the organization in the 2017-2020 mandate. ETUCE represents the voice of more than 11 million employees in education from 48 European states and 131 trade unions. In the 2017-2020 mandate, he remains a member of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, while simultaneously serving as president of the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Public Sector (since March 2006, at the regular congress he was reelected president for the 2007-2010 mandate, and additionally reelected for the 2014-2018 mandate at the third congress). At the fourth congress of the Confederation of Trade Unions of the Public Sector in April 2014, he was again entrusted with the task of leading the Confederation in the future four-year mandate (2014-2018). At the 9th congress of SVIZ in November 2014 at Bled, he was again supported in his bid to lead the Union in the 2014-2018 mandate.

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