Constitutional identification

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The Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia in its chapter Organisation of State situates the National Council at the second place in the system of bodies of national authority. The Constitution defines its:

  • Composition (Article 96),
  • Powers (Article 97) (or Competences),
  • Election (Article 98),
  • Decision-making (Article 99),
  • Immunity and Incompatibility of Office (Article 100),
  • Rules of Procedure of the National Council (Article 101).


Composition of the National Council

The National Council has 40 members who are representatives of social, economic, professional and local interests. It is composed of:

  • four representatives of employers,
  • four representatives of employees,
  • four representatives of farmers, crafts and trades, and independent professions,
  • six representatives of non-commercial fields,
  • 22 representatives of local interests.


Competences of the National Council

The National Council can:

  • propose to the National Assembly the passing of laws,
  • convey to the National Assembly its opinion on all matters within the competences of the National Assembly,
  • require the National Assembly to decide again on a given law prior to its promulgation,
  • require inquiries on matters of public importance as provided by Article 93.

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