International activity

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The National Council participates in numerous connections in the international field. It is the founding member of the Association of European Senates, which connects other chambers of European parliaments. In 2002 the Association was presided by the National Council and in the same year in Ljubljana it organized the 3rd Meeting of the Association of European Senates. The meeting's topic was Bicameralism & Democracy and Role of Civil Society. The president of the National Council also participates at the meetings of the presidents of parliaments of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia in the frame of regional partnership and conferences of presidents of European parliaments. The National Council connects with other upper chambers also through various bilateral contacts in the frame of informal meetings and official visits. The purpose of these meetings is strengthening and upgrading of Slovenia's relations with other countries, exchange of experience, and strengthening of the role of other chambers and promotion thereof. With regard to numerous official visits of upper chamber representatives in the National Council and the National Council representatives in other countries, the National Council is known as an important and prominent institution on an international scale.

Association of European Senates


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