Association of European Senates

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The Association connects upper chambers of parliaments of European countries and the Russian Federation. The Association, whose spiritual father is the president of the French Senate Christian Poncelet, promotes experience and advantages of bicameralism. The National Council is the founding member of the Association, which was founded based on the initiative of C. Poncelet on 8 November 2000. The Association has 15 members and one observer. Besides the National Council the members are also the upper chambers of Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and Luxembourg as the observer. The presidents of the upper chambers meet annually and discuss various topics connected to democracy and the role of bicameralism.

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Paris, 6 June 2001: Senates and Representation of Local Authorities

Brussels, 12 - 14 November 2001: The Senates and the Quality of Legislation

Ljubljana, 28 June 2002: Bicameralism Ś Democracy and Role of Civil Society

Madrid, 28 February 2003: Government Control by Upper Chambers

Prague, 7 October 2003: A Different Composition of the Chambers in Bicameral Parliaments as a Precondition of Their Efficiency?

Warsaw, 25 May 2004: The Role of Upper Chambers of National Parliaments in the European Union and in the Process of European Integration

Berlin, 2 September 2005: Bicameralism and federalism in the Process of Change - Current Developments and Reform Projects

Bern, 20 - 22 April 2006: Upper Chambers of Parliaments and Civil Society

Prague, 28 and 29 September 2006: Upper Chambers of Parliaments and Their Functions in the 21st Century



Members of the Association of European Senates

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