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(Conférence des Organes Spécialisés dans les Affaires Communautaires et Européennes des Parlements de l'Union européenne)

COSAC is a co-operation between committees  of the national parliaments dealing with European affairs as well as representatives from the European Parliament. At the biannual meetings of COSAC, six members represent each parliament. In addition, the national parliaments from the candidate and acceding countries are invited to participate with three observers each.

COSAC meetings normally take place in the capital of the country holding the EU-presidency. The last meeting was held in Vienna on 22 and 23 May.

COSAC was created in May 1989 at a meeting in Madrid, where the speakers of the Parliaments of the EU Member states agreed to strengthen the role of the national parliaments in relation to the community process by bringing together the European affairs Committees. The first meeting of COSAC took place in Paris in November 1989.

COSAC was formally recognised in a protocol to the Amsterdam Treaty that was concluded by Heads of State or Government in June 1997. The protocol came into force 1 May 1999.
According to this protocol, COSAC is allowed to address to the EU institutions any "contributions" which it deems necessary.

The website of the COSAC

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