M.Sc. Marko Zidanšek

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He was elected to the National Council as a representative of local interests of the 5th electoral unit based in Celje.

Member of the Interest Group of Local Interests.

Vice-Chairman of the Commission for State Organization.

Member of the Commission for Economy, Trade, Tourism and Finance.




He was born in 1968 in Celje, is married and father of two sons.

He is a master of science in the field of government and European studies (2007, Faculty of Postgraduate Government and European Studies, Brdo pri Kranju). In 2002, he graduated from the High Professional Education Studies of Administration in Ljubljana (currently Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana) –  track public administration, and acquired the professional title of a bachelor of administrative organization. He passed professional examination in administrative procedures in 2004, as well as completed training for members of supervisory boards or managing boards of firms (NEBRA) in 2006.

Since 2005 he has worked as the director in the waste management company Simbio, which conducts the tasks of collection and removal of waste in 12 municipalities, and performs tasks of a public company of waste management in more than 24 municipalities. He served as a councilor of the Municipality of Celje since 1998, acted as deputy mayor of Celje for three mandates, and worked as mayor’s delegate of the Municipality of Celje in the fourth and fifth (current) mandate. He also participated in the development of the RCERO I project and the continuation of the RCERO II project.

Since 2014, he has been a representative of the Slovenian People’s Party.

He strives to improvements in the interest of both the society as a whole and individuals, that contribute with economic and efficient conduct to a lasting development of the society. He wishes to attain the optimal results for set goals with minimal possible costs.


Electoral unit 5: municipalities Bistrica ob Sotli, Braslovče, CELJE, Dobje, Dobrna, Kozje, Laško, Podčetrtek, Polzela, Prebold, Radeče, Rogaška Slatina, Rogatec, Slovenske Konjice, Šentjur, Štore, Šmarje pri Jelšah, Tabor, Vitanje, Vojnik, Vransko, Zreče, Žalec.

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