Srečko Ocvirk

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He was elected to the National Council as a representative of local interests of the 20th electoral unit based in Krško.

Member of the Interest Group of Local Interests.

Member of the Commission for Economy, Trade, Tourism and Finance.

Member of the Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Food.



He was born on November 11th 1969 in Brežice. He spent his childhood and youth in Orešju nad Sevnico.

After completing elementary school in Sevnica, he enrolled in the Gardening Secondary School in Medlog near Celje and completed his education at the Šentjur Farming School, where he graduated as a technician of farming. After completing military service, he continued his education at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences at the University in Maribor and received the title of an agricultural engineer.

He started his professional work in smaller agricultural firms, where he worked in the fields of fruit farming, protection of vegetation, and commerce. He was afterwards employed at the Agricultural Cooperative Sevnica until 2007, where he led the agricultural sector, as well as held other managerial positions in the company.

He began his political activities in 1998 as a member of the municipal council of the Municipality of Sevnica. In 2007 and 2008 he served as deputy mayor, and since 2008 as the mayor of the Municipality of Sevnica. He performs his function professionally. He is active also within the framework of the association of municipalities, namely the field of environmental questions and congruent regional development.

In his current mandate in the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia he is a representative of local interests of the 20th electoral unit, which includes municipalities of Brežice, Kostanjevica na Krki, Krško in Sevnica.

He and his family reside in Podvrh near Sevnica. He is married to Anica, maiden name Baumkirher, with whom he has two daughters, Kristina and Ivana.


Electoral Unit 20: Brežice, Kostanjevica na Krki, KRŠKO, Sevnica.


Activities of the councilor:

  • Discussion at the consultation titled Ecologic Farming for a Healthier Life – collection of creative ideas, hall of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, February 27th 2018

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