Marjan Maučec

Tiskalniku prijazna oblika

He was elected to the National Council as a representative of local interests of the 11th electoral unit based in Murska Sobota.

Member of the Interest Group of Local Interests.

Member of the Commission for State Organization.

Member of the Commission for Agriculture, Forestry and Food.


He was born on April 6th 1959 in Murska Sobota. He attended an elementary school in Beltinci and the Metalwork Secondary School in Murska Sobota. Afterwards, he dropped out of the University of Rijeka where he studied mechanical engineering, because he got married. He later returned to secondary school and requalified as a cooper and carpenter. He opened his own cooper-workshop in 1984 and currently leads the only remaining firm in Slovenia producing large wine barrels for cellars in Slovenia and other republics of the former Yugoslavia. In 1990, he added a trade activity to his handicraft business. He is married and a father of 29-year old Monica and 22-year old Mario. He is already a grandfather to two granddaughters.

In 2000, he acquired a furniture company in Ljutomer that was formerly a joiner’s workshop. He first renovated it, and then began to manufacture staircases for a German company. He rented it out in 2006.

He owns a 50-hectar farm and was granted the status of farmer.

On December 18th 2006, he graduated from the School of Entrepreneurship, obtaining a BSc in Economics.

He was active in Murska Sobota Assembly in the 1980s; in 1994 he was for the first time elected a chair of the municipal council in Beltinci. He is currently serving his third mandate. He participated and worked in a number of associations, for example, he was the director of the football club Potrošnik Beltinci for four years. He is also a director of a successful women’s football club Len Pomurje.

He is a member of the Slovene People’s Party and Deputy Chair of the Party’s Council, as well as its coordinator for the Prekmurje region.

He was elected a member of the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia at the 2002 elections (2002-2007).

In 2007, he was appointed by the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia as the Secretary General.


Electoral unit 11: municipalities Beltinci, Cankova, Črenšovci, Dobrovnik/Dobronak, Gornji Petrovci, Grad, Hodoš/Hodos, Kobilje, Kuzma, Lendava/Lendva, Moravske Toplice, MURSKA SOBOTA, Odranci, Puconci, Rogašovci, Šalovci, Tišina, Turnišče,Velika Polana.


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